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  • B2B market research

Growth in any industry is hard. We believe the key to success is in developing a deep understanding of customer and market needs, then aligning your internal resources in support of these needs. In pursuit of this belief, PMG has developed the unique ability to identify, contact and engage the right people in meaningful business related discussions centered around growth opportunities...through this market research and analysis we then deliver these opportunities to you.

  • B2B Market Research Experience


    For over 25 years PMG has combined the corporate strategic planning experience of our principals with decades of strictly B2B market research, consistently delivering unique growth opportunities to our clients.

  • Trusted Market Research Firm


    Our objective methods and strategies provide our clients with a candid source of insight. We measure our achievements based on the loyalty of our customers—when you succeed, we succeed.

  • Focused B2B Market Research


    Customized B2B market research is all we do. Our unique insight provides the information needed to grow with existing customers, expand to new markets, and develop innovative new products and services.

  • Global B2B Market Research


    PMG’s customer base includes Fortune 500 companies such as GE, Siemens, Pfizer, and Google, as well regional and local organizations.  We help our clients grow their businesses, whether around the corner or around the globe.