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Determining B2B Sample Size: Don’t Get Confused by B2C

One of the most common questions asked by clients when designing a B2B research project is “What is the sample size I need to ensure the data is ‘statistically valid’?” These sample size questions typically include common statistical terms such as margin of error, randomness, confidence level, and statistical validity. In most cases we find that the client possesses limited knowledge of what these terms actually mean, or the role they play in determining a sample size.  

Misreading Attribute Importance: A Common and Often Costly Mistake

Jan 12 2018

Improving performance - particularly in those areas that are important to customers - has been a staple of continuous improvement programs for years.  Market research is routinely utilized to identify attributes that are important to the customer, measure current and competitive performance, and develop growth strategies based on the research findings.

Improved B2B Customer Experience Drives Increased Revenue, Profitability and Customer Share…and May Even Be the Key to Survival.

Aug 11 2017

PMG’s Customer Insight™ is designed as a robust, customer-centric management tool which collects both quantitative data and relevant qualitative data to support growth strategies. The final deliverable is a fact-based, data-driven report providing guidance on how to better align with your customers to strategically grow revenue, profitability and customer share.

Grow Your Business by Strategically Improving Customer Advocacy
(Part 4 of 4 – Customer Satisfaction Series)

Sep 19 2016


Since being introduced in Frederick Reichheld’s article “The One Number You Need to Grow”, the concept of measuring customer loyalty through a single question survey has become a common practice among many B2B companies.  The power of this single metric, “Net-Promoter Score” (NPS), is built on the concept that “word of mouth” is a strong driver of growth.  According to Reichheld, “research shows a strong correlation between a company’s growth rate and the percentage of its customers who are “promoters” – that is, those who state they are extremely likely to recommend the company to a friend or colleague. The Net-Promoter Score (Figure 1) is calculated by subtracting the percentage of customers who say they are unlikely to recommend from the percentage who say they are extremely likely to do so.”  


Customer Satisfaction – Measuring Competitive Position
(Part 3 of 4 – Customer Satisfaction Series)

Aug 24 2016

In our previous correspondence, we discussed the value in having increased knowledge of your current customer base by understanding two of the four dimensions of customer satisfaction. Knowing how well your products and services align with your customers current and future requirements helps focus a large portion of your growth strategy. The third dimension of meaningful customer satisfaction research, competitive position, provides a clear picture of your performance against competition. 

Customer Satisfaction – Measuring Performance and Importance
(Part 2 of 4 – Customer Satisfaction Series)

Jul 21 2016

Many companies rely on internal salespeople and marketers for insight into their customers. While helpful, customers reveal limited information to someone pursuing their business. Externally focused customer satisfaction studies are highly valuable, as they provide an in-depth customer needs assessment that evaluates your performance and value against customer requirements to determine alignment as well as identify performance gaps. 

Using Customer Satisfaction Research to Grow Top Line Revenue
(Part 1 of 4 – Customer Satisfaction Series)

Jul 07 2016

If you are looking for growth opportunities, increasing share with existing customers is usually the fastest and lowest risk growth option available. Properly designed customer satisfaction research delivers the critical pieces of information needed to develop a winning revenue growth strategy: the product and service attributes most important to your customers, your performance on each attribute, your competitive position relative to each attribute, and the critical few attributes that drive your customers to recommend your business to other potential customers.

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