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Our Clients

Throughout our existence, PMG has had the privilege of working with some of the most recognized and admired companies in the world.  Client feedback confirms our research has played a key role in their continued success.



You and your team nailed it! with your customer survey, we now have a very clear roadmap to continued success at Atrium! Not only did you get a 72% response rate, you were able to categorize the results in such a meaningful way for our business. The results only substantiated what we felt to be issues and opportunities for our company. The customer’s perception is the one we can react to! Thanks for all the good work in developing and executing our survey!




We engaged PMG to assess the perception and reality of our service to our customers. The approach that PMG guided us through was highly effective in getting us the needed insights across many vectors (supply chain execution, marketing support, and sales effectiveness). PMG brought us both the results and ensuing implications in a very direct, digestible and actionable forum. We brought the feedback into our continuous improvement program and launched multiple key initiatives to directly attack the improvement areas. We are very pleased with the results and look forward to refreshing the study when we believe our improvements are complete and fully integrated into our daily routine with our customers.




PMG provided excellent guidance and support during the entire process. The consultants were knowledgeable, professional, and were very responsive to our specific requests. They were able to meet our needs even when the project scope changed. The results presented to us in their final report will guide our work for the next 3-5 years.





PMG delivered. They not only helped us guide our marketing efforts, but the site design efforts as well. Most importantly, they helped us to prioritize where we put our time and resources. The customer insight projects they did for GlobalSpec in those early days shaped our business, as we translated that insight into strategic action.




We improved our share… and took the business away from a big, big company.

We thought it was great that these guys spent a solid half day with us just learning about our business—not talking about the survey work, just asking what our business challenges were, what drove our industry, and how did we traditionally win in our market. That made us confident that they really understood what we were all about.




PMG has a methodology strictly tailored to the B2B reality. That makes their survey a product that is much more valuable to a B2B company. This stuff works—I have 14 years of experience on the corporate side that proves it does.





Customer insight is a key part of our whole marketing program. If you want to stay in a leadership position, it is a great tool. It creates a partnership with the customer and makes them a part of the decision-making process.




In my positions with other companies prior to BBC, I worked with a lot of different research companies. There are two things I particularly like about PMG’s team. Number one is their can-do attitude and demeanor—we will frequently call them up with immediate requests and they are willing to accommodate them. Number two is their statistical soundness. PMG is very knowledgeable in that area and very reliable.




PMG has a great ability to digest large sets of complex data and distill it down to ‘This is what the data really says, here’s what really matters, and this is the math behind it.’ You have to know what you can conclude based on the data and where you have to be careful not to overreach, based on the statistical relevance.





PMG did a great job for me while at Lisega. I used your information to drive customer satisfaction at all touch points, increased market share and developed a new market. I am a PMG advocate.