B2B Market Research - Case Studies


Our Case Studies give excellent insight to our market research work. PMG Case Studies provide a brief synopsis of a strategic question posed by a client, the approach we took in answering the question, and overall result to the client. These Case Studies represent only a small sample of the types of projects we do. Therefore, if you do not see a Case Study that is consistent with your needs, please contact us so we can discuss your project in more detail.

  • B2B Market Research - New Customer Acquisition

    Market Assessment


    New Customer Acquisition

  • B2B Market Research - Growth Opportunity

    Market Assessment


    Growth Opportunity

  • B2B Market Research - Identify Value Proposition

    Market Assessment


    Identify Value Proposition

  • B2B Market Research - Geographic Expansion

    Market Attractiveness


    Geographic Expansion

  • B2B Market Research - Competitive Strategy

    Competitive Intelligence


    Competitive Strategy

  • B2B Market Research - Improve Market Share

    Customer Satisfaction


    Improve Market Share

  • B2B Market Research - Partner Identification

    Due Diligence


    Partner Identification

  • B2B Market Research - Customer Acquisition

    Customer Mapping


    Customer Acquisition

  • B2B Market Research - Financial Recovery

    Strategy Development


    Financial Recovery

  • B2B Market Research - Market Opportunity

    Market Opportunity


    Adjacent Markets Opportunity