Customer Journey Mapping

voice of customer research

To support marketing and sales efforts, customer mapping can be valuable visual tools to assist in your current market strategy. With customer journey mapping, we can target the identification of potential customers for a product or a service. The final deliverable is an Excel file (or customer CRM file) of customer information to include office locations, plants, contacts and commercial information based on qualification criteria relevant to your individual business needs. PMG customizes each journey map to fit any business challenge. Qualification criteria include:

  • Sell requirements
  • Pricing
  • Buying criteria
  • Unmet needs
  • Supply chain
  • And other criteria consistent with the customer’s market strategy

Customer mapping can be completed as a stand-alone project but is often completed as a follow-up to market assessments.

What is Customer Journey?

The customer journey encompasses all aspects of a customer’s experience with a brand, from their initial discovery of the brand through their subsequent purchase. Focus on client experience rather than transactions is emphasized in this approach.

It may appear that a high-quality product, an impressive website, and a customer support team always available are the ideal ingredients for attracting new customers. However, customers are more inclined to switch to a rival company if they sense something is wrong with your communication. As a business owner, you need to know what your consumers think about you. Using a consumer journey map, you may discover weak spots in your plan of action.

"Priority Metrics has been invaluable to Glen Raven as a candid source of marketing information and data that has allowed us to zero in on markets that we deserve and has allowed us to supply our customers with precisely what they want. This entire process is not only educational for us, but also for our customers and for the industry. Our sincere thanks to Priority Metrics for their creative ideas that have led us to many successes."
President & CEO
Glen Raven
voice of customer research

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