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Combining over 25 years of conducting countless B2B market research projects and decades of corporate strategic planning we hope you find Priority Metric Group’s B2B market research blog series both informative and thought-provoking. We cover topics associated with achieving top-line revenue growth such as: understanding the B2B buying decision, understating delivered value, competitive intelligence, customer satisfaction surveys, and growing customer and market share.  The PMG experts welcome your feedback and comments.

Understanding TAM SAM SOM
Defining and Calculating TAM, SAM, and SOM When it comes to market assessment and sizing, it’s important to understand the
Business Growth, Business Strategy, Markat Sizing
Calculating Market Size
In calculating market size, one must realize three important facts to avoid an often frustrating experience. First, the exact market
Brand, Branding, Customer Experience
B2B Brand Building
Recent research into the current focus of B2B marketers has pointed to two exciting trends guiding much of their activity
Brand, Branding, Customer Experience

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