Business Growth Case Studies

Our Case Studies give excellent insight to our market research work. PMG Case Studies provide a brief synopsis of a strategic business growth question posed by a client, the approach we took in answering the question, and overall result to the client. These Case Studies represent only a small sample of the types of projects we do. Therefore, if you do not see a Case Study that is consistent with your needs, please contact us so we can discuss your project in more detail.
Bottle Market Assessment

Market Assessment

Customer Acquisition

Identifying Growth Opportunities

Market Assessment

Growth Opportunity

Value Proposition

Market Assessment

ID Value Proposition

Geographic Market Expansion

Market Attractiveness

Geographic Expansion

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

COmpetitive Strategy

Grow Market Share, Packaging

Customer Experience

Increase Share

Due Diligence, Building Materials

Due Diligence

Partner Acquisition

rapid Innovation


Rapid Innovation

customer journey mapping services

Customer Mapping

Customer Acquisition

Growth Assessment

Growth Assessment

Adjacent Markets

Strategy Development

Market Research

Financial Recovery

competitive threat analysis

Voice of Customer

Driving Growth