Building Materials

building materials market research

Priority Metrics Group conducts custom building materials market research delivering unparalleled insight needed for uncovering both short term and long term growth opportunities.  We have completed numerous projects in both materials as well as construction equipment.

PMG Research Includes

Areas of Concentration

  • Building materials market research
  • Industry trends
  • New product development research
  • Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Innovation
  • Raw materials
  • Distribution
  • Supply chain

Portfolio of Successful Projects

  • Market analysis of the building envelope market for both residential and commercial construction 
  • Market analysis of the below-grade and water/waste management waterproofing market for both residential and commercial construction 
  • Assess brand strength throughout the supply chain; including distributors, supply houses, as well as end users.
  • Survey of attitudes among US homeowners about remodeling, wall construction, and various aspects of wall components. 
  • Brand analysis of drywall tools which included supply yards, paint retailers and end users. 
  • Market assessment for imported drywall into specific US geographies.
  • Opportunity assessment for plant in Canada
  • Opportunity assessment for autonomous construction vehicles

A Sample of PMG Building Material Clients