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Business Growth Strategy: Make it a Living Document

All companies should have a growth strategy, and most do.  However, based on my experience, most strategic growth plans are treated like an annual event.  Usually, near the end of the third quarter, functional group leaders come together and develop a comprehensive short and long-term strategic growth plan.  The plan is then presented to the executive group, put into a binder, and filed away until it is needed as reference for next year’s strategic planning process.

Successful companies do not treat their strategic plans as trophies from a one-time event; they become working documents that drive the management of business on a daily basis. The aspirational goals of the strategic plan should be translated into an actionable management plan that is aligned to deliver the results outlined in the plan and includes:

  • KPM’s (to be measured and improved on a regular basis)
  • business and process alignment throughout the organization
  • departmental goals and objectives
  • individual goals and objectives
  • incentives
  • improvement priorities
  • training needs

Don’t be eclipsed by the competition. Develop a well thought out strategic plan and make it a “living document.”  Use it as the foundation for developing an ongoing management process designed to deliver results.  Strategic Planning is not an annual event.

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