Commercial Due Diligence

Commercial Due Diligence and Reducing Acquisition Risk

Within the overall Due Diligence process, the Commercial Due Diligence is often one of the most undervalued elements.  However, information uncovered in a well-executed Commercial Due Diligence process often identify issues that feed into price negotiations, and therefore reduce the risk of overpaying.  Some examples uncovered in our research that may affect that overall value of the company and therefore drive the negotiated price includes:

Revenue projections are always inflated by the seller, find out more about how Priority Metrics Group’s Commercial Due Diligence process can deliver the market information needed to minimize the risk associated with overpaying to when acquiring a company.

"PMG delivered far more than a matrix of survey results; they deliver the analytics and insight you would expect from a top tier consulting firm. Their private equity customer insight work is second to none."
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