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Competitive Intelligence


PMG’s b2b market research approach entailed reaching out to and connecting with the competitor’s highest level executives to gain a deeper understanding of the company’s R&D strategy than could be derived from publicly available sources. PMG’s analysts, well experienced in contacting senior level managers and engaging them in conversation, were utilized to develop a thorough understanding of the client’s major competitor. The competitive intelligence gained from the conversations with key executives proved to be valuable insight into the competitor’s value position in the market.


One of the world’s largest technology and manufacturing companies was concerned that their major competitor had taken the lead in their ongoing battle for technology leadership. The industry in which the two firms operate is driven by technological innovations and leadership is key to long-term financial health and, ultimately, survival. PMG was asked to conduct market research to probe for a deeper understanding of the competitor’s research and development (R&D) strategy and direction.


In order to gain the desired internal insights, PMG’s market research approach entailed reaching out to and connecting with the competitor’s highest level executives for a series of interviews. Targeted positions included Division Vice Presidents as well as the company’s Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, Vice President of Corporate Technology, Corporate Technology Strategic Marketing Director and a high-level representative from Corporate Media Relations. The telephone interviews utilized PMG business analysts well experienced in contacting middle and senior level managers and engaging them in detailed discussions.

During the comprehensive discussions with each executive, PMG asked key questions about:

  • The role of R&D in their company’s future,

  • The company’s development of a global strategy for R&D,

  • The company’s use of a specific planning methodology,

  • The execution of technology design and planning,

  • The description of their technology management system

PMG was required to address concerns around confidentiality in broaching such extremely sensitive subjects. Certain key topics such as financials and strategy are only understood by a limited number of individuals. The main objective is to identify, contact, and persuade these individuals to spend time with PMG on the phone.


Overall, the market research delivered a firm understanding of the competitor’s R&D strategy resulting from detailed feedback from the company executives that were interviewed. These insights and responses were then compiled and prepared in a presentation format which was shared with the client’s leadership team.

Gaining such a comprehensive level of detail is typically a challenging undertaking, especially when probing for sensitive information. PMG’s success in this project exemplifies our capability in identifying, contacting and engaging senior executives in meaningful and insightful discussion that can yield invaluable insight to our clients. 

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