ecommerce industry analysis

E-Commerce Industry Overview

In recent years e-commerce has emerged as one of the fastest growing sector of the U.S. marketplace, only slowing during the recession-plagued years of 2008 and 2009. And the outlook continues to be bullish, with continued strong growth. Priority Metrics Group’s b2b market research help companies understand the implications and opportunities brought about by the growth of e-commerce.

The explosive growth is no surprise as some of the lingering concerns such as data security, system and data integrity, and the concern of system scalability are being addressed, and users are more confident of continued improvement. 

As the growth continues, the overall impact on our overall economy will be more evident, touching areas of the economy may be surprising to many. One economic area that the expansion of e-commerce is sure to impact is that of productivity. Shoppers and procurement professionals now have access to countless competitive products, shopping is both easier and faster, and prices are more transparent; reducing the costs associated with completing most transactions. This increase in productivity, in turn, generates cost savings and potentially has a positive impact on inflation. 

In addition, expanding e-commerce offers new opportunities throughout the supply chain, from the initial order to final delivery. The need greater productivity will continue to drive firms to reduce costs, boost efficiencies, expand into new markets, reduce inventories, reduce logistics costs, and optimize the procurement process. Opportunities will arise for innovative protective packaging, cold chain optimization, data security, and improving processes throughout the supply chain using through cutting edge TQM, and JIT projects.

Priority Metrics Group’s  market research is a valuable source in understanding the newly discovered issues and needs throughout the supply chain brought about by the growth of e-commerce in virtually all business sectors. Let PMG help your organization discover growth opportunities brought about by the expansion of e-commerce.

Our Research Includes

  • Opportunity assessment
  • Market sizing
  • Market assessment
  • Brand awareness
  • Mergers & acquisition research
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Customer insight
  • Customer mappin

Areas of Concentration

  • Supply chain
  • Protective packaging
  • Software needs identification
  • Secondary packaging
  • E-commerce packaging
  • Machinery manufacturers
  • Data supporting TQM projects

Representative E-commerce Projects

  • Assess packaging needs for specific e-commerce channels relative to frozen and fresh foods
  • Uncover the critical customer needs relative to the development of a B2B procurement web portal for engineers, maintenance and designers.
  • Understand what specific features are important to end users for e-commerce sites targeting police and correctional facility officers. In addition, assess the usage of these sites, and develop a profile of the competitive landscape.
  • Providing customer insight as to the performance, cost and perceived value of a void fill product often used for protecting items shipped in an e-commerce channel.
  • Market assessment of the current and future internet access, computer usage, mobile device usage as well as the quality of each connection mode in Singapore. This study was used to develop an entry strategy for a major e-commerce supply chain participant.

Clients in the E-commerce Market Include

  • Sealed Air
  • Google
  • Sonoco
  • Global Spec
  • Bob Barker
  • Geami