Employee Surveys

employee satisfaction survey

The benefits of consistent employeerelated surveys are well documented, having positive impacts on the recruiting and retention of talent as well as improved overall business results. Whether you want to run an employee engagement survey or an organizational alignment survey, you can get a clear picture of how your employees are performing with the help of Priority Metrics Group.

By conducting an employee focus group you’ll get several benefits, including:

  • Demonstrating to employees that you are taking a genuine interest in them, their views and ideas.
  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses in management performance
  • Assessing the overall impact of policies, processes, incentives, and communication on critical strategic initiatives
  • Increasing employee retention and improving recruiting  
  • Improving employee morale by determining and acting on the drivers of employee satisfaction  
  • Uncovering organizational alignment issues that are creating barriers to executing the strategy where the organization is not “walking the walk”

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Employee satisfaction surveys are a widely used tool designed to provide a broad range of feedback on the overall perception of employees toward their employer.  When structured properly, employee satisfaction surveys can provide insight into:

  • Job satisfaction
  • Perception of HR
  • Perception of Pay/Compensation/Benefits
  • Causes of turnover or retention
  • Effectiveness of policies
  • Perception of diversity
  • Opportunities for career advancement
  • Attracting new talent


360° Employee Surveys

The 360° employee survey provides individuals with multi-directional feedback from both up and down the organization. The survey provides feedback about an employee’s performance and behavior from co-workers, subordinates, and supervisors. The process often allows the employee to review themselves, allowing one to see how other employees view them versus how they view themselves. The survey also helps the employee to see that you appreciate his past work and recognize his strengths and successes. This type of survey promotes self-awareness and provides excellent input and direction for personal improvement.

Organizational Alignment (Culture) Surveys

Organizational alignment as competitive advantage When employees and their behaviors are aligned with the mission and vision, employee engagement metrics (including satisfaction, commitment, likelihood to recommend as a workplace) are markedly higher than those in less aligned cultures.

This type of survey is often associated with measuring change or assessing how well the organization is aligned with the overall mission/vision and strategic goals. It provides a useful measure of how well employees know and are committed to the values of the organization. The results from these types of surveys can uncover alignment issues that can conflict with the overall strategy in the areas of:

  • Training
  • Incentives and awards
  • Critical performance metrics
  • Management style
  • Organizational structure

Employee Engagement Surveys

In general, engagement represents the level of enthusiasm and connection employees have with their organization. The survey measures the attributes most important to employee performance in the organization. It is often used to identify the best areas focus on promoting organizational change and increased performance. The survey items measure the components of engagement and what makes an employee passionate about their job. These surveys usually measure the following factors of engagement:

Understanding what factors drive employee engagement allows you to take action on specific areas, and create the desired company culture.

  • Resources/Workload perceptions
  • Employee to job match
  • Meaning and purpose
  • Management support
  • Incentives/Recognition
  • Autonomy/Empowerment/Accountability
  • Cross-Department cooperation
  • Opportunities for growth
  • Working conditions