B2B Market Research Services

Our sole focus is on B2B market research solutions that are tailored for your business growth needs. Our wide variety of research services offer valuable knowledge and insights regardless of your business growth challenges. PMG has nearly 25 years of experience interpreting those challenges to provide actionable recommendations. Whatever types of research, market assessments, due diligence, competitive intelligence, or innovation; Priority Metrics Group has the experience and knowledge to deliver unparalleled results. 

Our market assessments offer an objective evaluation of the dynamics and attractiveness of any market of interest. We can provide your business with market intelligence that lowers risk by allowing your company to make better informed business decisions.

If you are looking for business improvement opportunities, our Customer Satisfaction Survey methodology provides a clear path to increased customer share and for new product and service opportunities. 

An underrated or even overlooked piece of due diligence process, issues uncovered in a well-executed commercial due diligence effort often identify issues that feed into price negotiations, and therefore reduce the risk of overpaying.

Growth in any industry is difficult. Options often include geographic expansion, growing customer share, expanding into adjacent markets, leveraging technology, or entering new markets. PMG can provide the insight needed to reduce risk and ensure a successful growth strategy.

Our proven Rapid Innovation Process delivers new product or service innovations that have a high probability of success because each new concept is driven by a defined market need. Our process is designed to deliver 2 to 3 innovative new products or services in a 4-month cycle. 

Create a unique value position with a complete understanding of your competitors’ strategies. You can gain the advantage with our competitive intelligence services, which provide you with the necessary information to fully understand your competitive position.

Successful companies don’t place their strategic plans on the shelf to collect dust. Strategic Planning should not be just an annual event, it is a managed process that is developed, implemented, and adjusted on an ongoing basis

Your business needs may not fall neatly into one of the above categories. We offer a variety of different market research services and can design a personalized research project to fit any of your business challenges.

If you are looking to move into a new market or geography, Customer Mapping will jump start the process as it combines market research with lead generation.  Here we map the key buying factors, objections, market size, and individual potential businesses that would be a good prospect for you.

People are your greatest asset, so ensure your employees are properly trained, motivated, and aligned to achieve your business goals. Our unique methodology not only provides metrics but also uncovers the drivers of employee satisfaction ….providing a clear improvement road map.