Private Equity

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Priority Metrics’ unique set of research offerings can be beneficial during both the “pre-purchase ” and the “post-purchase” sides of the acquisition equation. Priority Metrics has helped numerous private equity firms during pre-purchase by completing commercial due diligence projects designed to assist buyers in developing a more accurate valuation of the target company.  In addition, our “post-purchase” research is specifically designed to provide both the customer and market insight necessary to identify and capture revenue growth in portfolio companies owned by private equity firms.  

Identifying attractive markets and companies for potential acquisitions is arduous, so using a data-driven process to narrow the potential field of markets and companies to target for investment can be extremely valuable.  PMG can assist private equity firms in identifying the most attractive markets as well as specific company targets for potential acquisitions.   

Some of Our Private Equity Clients

Our Private Equity Research Includes

Areas of Concentration

  • New market identification
  • Marketing due diligence
  • Identification of revenue growth opportunities
  • Acquisition candidates
  • Competitive cost position
commercial due diligence

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