Platform Company Growth Assessments

b2b market segmentation

Post Acquisition Growth Research

Once a business is purchased, PMG can help identify, prioritize, and provide strategic insight as to capture to capture growth opportunities. Using primary and secondary data collection methods, we offer keen insights into critical market factors that can lead to successful top line growth, such as:

  • Market size
  • Market projections
  • Potential adjacencies 
  • Relative profitability
  • Threats to profitability (competitive, legislative, technological, market conditions, etc.)
  • Growth factors
  • Competitive position
  • Profiles of potential competitors
  • Potential competitive entrants to the market
  • Key customers
  • Market share
  • Brand perception and positioning
  • Purchase volumes
  • Current performance and future performance expectations
  • Unmet needs and pain points leading to opportunities
  • Other market factors to fit specific business questions

PMG’s market opportunity assessments can vary in scope and scale. High-level assessments are designed to allow clients to make informed decisions quickly, compressing their speed to market. While more in-depth assessments, consisting of multiple phases and multiple segments, can identify the optimal markets to pursue based on capabilities and strategic direction.

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