B2B Custom Market Research

custom market research

Challenged by accessing market information and data that is difficult or impossible to find? Your quest for custom marketing research firms doesn’t have to be stressful nor complicated. PMG’s broad knowledge and expertise allow us the flexibility to create a targeted custom market research approach to fit any of your business challenges. Some examples of our customized work include

  • Brand Awareness Research Learn about the many opinions that the market has of your brand and how to tailor your market approach to fit those beliefs.
  • Market Positioning Analysis – Understand, identify, and attain desired market positions by increasing share and improving quality performance.
  • New Product Development Research Get information about your customers and the market to help and drive the process of making a new product.
  • Purchase Decision Mapping – Understand the B2B purchasing process, including decision-makers, influencers, and primary drivers to increase your success and speed to revenue.
  • Tracking and Dashboards – Competitive tracking program designed to follow an identified set of competitors and document key performance attributes. These projects are ongoing in nature with results compiled over a period of time to determine performance changes.

To have your own custom-designed research solution created, please contact us right away. You will be well-prepared to make even the most difficult business decisions if you have access to the appropriate data. decisions. 

"Priority Metrics has been invaluable to Glen Raven as a candid source of marketing information and data that has allowed us to zero in on markets that we deserve and has allowed us to supply our customers with precisely what they want. This entire process is not only educational for us, but also for our customers and for the industry. Our sincere thanks to Priority Metrics for their creative ideas that have led us to many successes."
President & CEO
Glen Raven
market share research

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