customer satisfaction surveys

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

customer statisfaction survey

Often incorrectly compared to customer satisfaction surveys, Customer Insight is designed as a robust, customer-centric management tool that collects quantitative data and relevant qualitative data to support actionable growth strategies. PMG‘s customer satisfaction survey delivers a fact-based, data-driven report to guide how to grow your current customer base strategically.

We conduct an in-depth customer needs assessment that evaluates your performance and value against customer requirements to determine alignment as well as performance gaps. We also identify what attributes are important in driving customer satisfaction and loyalty. In addition, we assess your competitors, identifying gaps in relative performance in the areas critical to loyalty, allowing you to direct your improvement efforts to the few attribute areas creating loyal customers. Our research yields both quantitative and qualitative data that provides the foundation for future strategic direction ensuring long-term competitive advantage.

PMG’s Customer Insight provides a clear road map for achieving growth with your current customer base, including:

  •    Understanding your competitive position
  •    The critical attributes driving customer satisfaction and overall performance on each attribute
  •    Identification of areas where you have a competitive advantage that can be leveraged 
  •    How your customers define value and a measure of your value creation 
  •    How to increase the number of customers that are recommending you to other businesses
    • The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an excellent base for assessing loyalty,  but PMG also provides a data-driven roadmap to improve your NPS

PMG’s survey approach collects both quantitative data and supporting qualitative data to develop realistic growth strategies. The final deliverable is a fact-based, data-driven report to strategically grow within your current customer base.

PMG Customer Insight® provides the right data to make the right decisions at the right time and at the right price.

"I have been a C-Suite exec in aviation-related acquisitions, turnarounds, and consolidations for over 25 years, and your Voice of Customer analysis for ACL Airshop was the best I’ve ever seen. Absolutely excellent value for the money, and very useful actionable recommendations going forward."
Ranger Aerospace
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