Market Assessment

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In today’s global economy, opportunities are limitless. The question is: Which opportunities should be pursued? Market research companies help identify, prioritize, and capture market growth opportunities through thorough research studies. Using primary and secondary data collection methods, we offer keen insights into critical market factors such as:

  • Market size
  • Market projections
  • Relative profitability
  • Threats to profitability (competitive, legislative, technological, etc.)
  • Growth factors
  • Profiles of potential competitors
  • Potential competitive entrants to the market
  • Key customers
  • Market share
    •    Purchase volumes
    •    Performance expectation
    •    Unmet needs
  • And other market factors to fit specific business questions.

PMG stands out from market research companies and presents the data in a clear, understandable manner to give you accurate findings and their implications.

Market assessments can vary in scope and scale. They can consist of high-level assessments designed for clients to make informed decisions quickly, compressing their speed to market or they can be in-depth, consisting of multiple phases and multiple segments. Market assessments may also be pursued as a stand-alone project or as a preliminary step to other elements of business growth strategy.

"We improved our share… and took the business away from a big, big company. We thought it was great that these guys spent a solid half day with us just learning about our business—not talking about the survey work, just asking what our business challenges were, what drove our industry, and how we traditionally win in our markets. They provided an expert interpretation of the data that was easy to access and understand, in large part because they had a much better insight into our business due to their own fact-finding and extensive B2B experience".
Vice President & General Manager
Greif Inc.
marketing assessment

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