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B2B Market Research

B2B Market is Unique B2B Market Research

B2B market dynamics are very different from B2C, and therefore the research approaches need to be different. In the B2C environment, every customer is equal, it is up to each individual to decide which toothpaste to purchase, and there are millions of decision-makers purchasing toothpaste every week. However, in the B2B environment, there are multiple decision-makers and purchasing influences. The purchasing power of some customers, like Walmart, dwarfs that of a local grocer….so all customers in the B2B space are not equal. Understanding the complexities of B2B channels is critical in scoping, conducting and providing analysis in B2B research projects. Priority Metrics Group only conducts B2B market research, so we are not only familiar with these types of complexities and challenges, but we thrive on them.

The Challenges of B2B Market Research

Conducting a meaningful B2B market research project in industrial markets is not something all research firms are comfortable doing. Industrial marketing research normally requires that researchers and interviewers know the language of the industry, be familiar with often complex value chains and market channels, and understand a wide range of technologies. Effective industrial research requires the ability to access the right individual, gain agreement to spending time on the phone, and engage them in a meaningful discussion. Our researchers have the knowledge and experience to do just that. In addition to our interviewing skills, the breadth of our research has allowed us to build expertise across a wide variety of markets, providing a unique perspective across a broad range of business models.

"B2B market research firms comprise approximately 8 percent of all market research firms and those with an industrial focus comprise only 25 percent of those. You do the math: only 2 percent of market research firms work consistently within industrial markets."
Business Graphics Forum, Atlanta, GA