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Business Growth Opportunities

Growing within your current customer base is usually the fastest and safest growth option. Our B2B market research can provide deep insight into your customers’ overall growth strategy and an understanding of the markets they serve.

By definition, growth into new markets requires detailed knowledge of typically unfamiliar regions, competition, and market dynamics. PMG’s custom B2B market research can minimize the risk and increase the speed of entry into these markets.

Our proprietary “Rapid Innovation Process” combines timely market research and a proprietary process to ensure an improved success rate by incorporating the market needs into the design of every new product or service.

We believe the key to success is in developing a deep understanding of customer and market needs, then aligning your internal resources to deliver solutions. In pursuit of this belief, PMG has developed the unique ability to identify, contact and engage the right people in meaningful business-related discussions centered around growth opportunities…through this market research and analysis, we then deliver these opportunities to you.


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Custom B2B Market Research

Your business needs may not fall neatly into one of the above categories. We offer a variety of different market research services and can design a personalized research project to fit any of your business challenges.

B2B Market Assessments

Our market assessments offer an objective evaluation of the dynamics and attractiveness of any market of interest. We can provide your business with market intelligence that lowers risk by allowing your company to make better informed business decisions.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

If you are looking for business improvement opportunities, our Customer Insight methodology provides a clear path to increased customer share and for new product and service opportunities.

B2B Growth Assessments

Growth in any industry is difficult. Options often include geographic expansion, growing customer share, expanding into adjacent markets, leveraging technology, or entering new markets. PMG can provide the insight needed to reduce risk and ensure a successful growth strategy.

Competitive Intelligence

Create a unique value position with a complete understanding of your competitors’ strategies. You can gain the advantage with our competitive intelligence services, which provide you with the necessary information to fully understand your competitive position.

Rapid Innovation Process

Our proven Rapid Innovation Process delivers new innovations that have a high probability of success, as each new concept is driven by a defined market need. Our process is designed to deliver 2 to 3 innovative new products or services in a 4-month cycle.

Commercial Due Diligence

Growth projections are often overstated in a business offering memorandum. An often underrated piece of the process, a well-executed customer due diligence effort can identify customer retention issues that feed into price negotiations, and therefore reduce the risk of overpaying.

Business Strategic Planning

Successful companies don’t place their strategic plans on the shelf to collect dust. Strategic Planning should not be just an annual event, it is a managed process that is developed, implemented, and adjusted on an ongoing basis.


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“PMG has a great ability to digest large sets of complex data and distill it down to ‘This is what this really says, here’s what really matters, and this is the math behind it.”

John Mixson

SVP, President of Building Products

b2b market research consultant

“I have been a C-Suite exec in aviation-related acquisitions, turnarounds, and consolidations for over 25 years, and your Voice of Customer analysis for ACL Airshop was the best I’ve ever seen. Absolutely excellent value for the money, and very useful actionable recommendations going forward.”

Steve Townes


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“I was absolutely blown away by PMG, they seemed to be doing something I hadn’t seen anyone else do – providing an effective blend of quantitative and qualitative data.  The projects PMG did for us in those early days shaped our business, as we translated that insight into strategic action.”

John Schneiter

Founder & Former CEO

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